Bookmakers rating: the best sports betting sites in South Africa

To bet on sports on the Internet, you need to choose a reliable betting company. To help in this situation comes the rating of bookmakers in South Africa, which will weed out unverified and unreliable bookmakers.

There are more than 100 relatively well-known offices on the African market, respectively, reducing their number to the top 10 makes the task of selection an order of magnitude easier. Using UpSure the rating of bookmakers, you can focus on choosing the best company from the best.

What criteria are used to evaluate

When rating bookmakers, betting experts evaluate each of them according to a combination of factors. During the analysis, they take into account:

  • the size of the odds and the margin of the bookmaker;
  • coverage of sports competitions and selection of bets;
  • painting the line;
  • quality of support service;
  • selection of deposit and withdrawal methods and transaction speed;
  • promo codes and bonuses for the first deposit;
  • promotions for regular players;
  • ease of access from various devices (websites, mobile applications);
  • reviews of real customers;
  • personal verification data.

Selecting the best bookmakers, experts assign an estimate for each parameter. Offices that do not meet the basic standards are eliminated immediately. After selecting high-quality bookmakers, they are compared. Based on the calculated indicators, an assessment is assigned.

Advantages of our rating of bookmakers in South Africa

The rating of bookmakers presented here allows you to form an objective opinion about them due to a combination of a number of factors

Independence. The rating is compiled on the basis of independent testing data and assessments of experts specializing in betting.

Efficiency. The best betting sites presented in the selection are regularly checked. If the level of service in the betting shop improves or worsens, the expert assessment will also change.

Wide coverage. During the selection process, betting specialists evaluate not only the most famous bookmakers, but also small new offices.

How the list of the best bookmakers is formed

Selecting the best bookmakers, experts consider all the main evaluation factors, ranking them according to the degree of importance. In the process of analysis, reliability is given more attention than payment methods, and methods - more than the convenience of the application. This is done so that the presence of secondary advantages could not cover the critical shortcomings of the office. After all, neither high odds nor the availability of an application matter if the bookmaker does not pay winnings under far-fetched pretexts.

Features of the legalization of betting in South Africa

The African sports betting market was born after 1991. Like the rest of the gambling business, it developed until 2009, when the ban on gambling came into force. After that, bookmakers continued to operate illegally or semi-legally (like lotteries) and moved to the Internet, where they still work. Leading offices seem to have even grown to the level of the largest bookmakers in Europe.

Since 2020, the authorities have been working to bring the gambling business out of the shadows to saturate the treasury with new taxes. In August 2020, the law came into force. Now a legal bookmaker will get a higher place in the selection — the rating will be compiled so that it will be higher than unregistered bookmakers in South Africa.

Overview of bookmakers on the market

Choosing a good company is a responsible task for every player. Experts, analyzing offices in the market, necessarily take into account both the above indicators and other factors. Companies operating in South Africa are evaluated based on personal tests.

Analysts pay attention not only to the variety of disciplines, but also to the quality of the painting itself. For example, the rating of football bookmakers is compiled taking into account, for example, the coverage of competitions, the availability of the opportunity to bet on unpopular events, championships. It is clear that the offices cover the top leagues in detail, but when rating bookmakers online, it is also important to take into account the possibility of betting on local events. For example, matches of lower divisions.

Another factor that experts take into account is the ability to bet on different outcomes of matches. Many companies offer a limited set of markets. This means that if a player is used to betting on specific results: the exact score, handicaps, total, etc., then he simply will not find them among the options presented. The variety of available markets is an important indicator, as it provides players with complete freedom of action.

The next factor on the basis of which the best bookmakers are selected is the quality of the live. It is no secret that now it is the confrontations that take place live that are most popular with fans. Analyzing live, experts take into account:

1. Dynamics of changes in coefficients. Usually, in reliable companies, they directly depend on the development of events in sports arenas. Therefore, quotes are updated frequently.

2. The speed of data provision. The list of bookmakers is formed, including on the basis of how up-to-date information is provided by the offices. If you use verified data, the probability of making an accurate bet is higher.

3. Variety of markets. On some live sites, they offer to place bets only on popular outcome options. This negatively affects the overall reputation of such offices. In the ranking, a higher position is occupied by those brands that allow you to predict a variety of options for the outcome of the event.

It's no secret that forecasts for today have become an important source of income for many users. If you are one of them, choose an office not only based on the reviews of friends and acquaintances, but also having previously studied the rating provided. Based on it, it will be possible to learn more about all aspects of the work of companies: from bonuses to live features.

Thus, in order for bookmakers' bets to bring income, register with a reliable office. Given the competition, it will not be difficult to choose the right brand.
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